My life is...
When all you want is glasses and you get a surgical consult instead.

Yeah, that was what happened at the eye doctors office today.

I went in solely for the purpose of getting “good” new glasses as the ones I currently own are 2 years old and from America’s Best.

Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with America’s Best. I would love to be able to go there. But I’m not supposed to and I know it. I have to see an opthamologist not an optometrist. Yes, there is a difference.

I have a lazy eye and I don’t see out of both my eyes at the same time. I’ve never been able to do that. When I was a baby, both my eyes crossed and bounced. My parents took me to a specialist and then I was given big pop bottle glasses which were also trifocals.

Then when I was in the 2nd grade I had surgery on the muscles around both my eyes to make them straight. It wasn’t so bad except for the part that my eyes were swollen shut for 2 weeks after and according to my parents, I looked like I got in a prize fight with Mike Tyson and lost. I had the experience of being blind as a child. Very valuable lesson and makes me appreciate my sight so much more even to this day. The good part is when I opened my eyes I could see. Duh, but no, really see. Without my huge glasses. It was amazing. I still remember it clear as a bell all these years later. It really was that remarkable.

So I got to ditch the glasses for a few years, until my left eye decided to be difficult. The surgery didn’t work so well on my left eye. So I had to wear glasses again, but this time they weren’t so thick, they just had a prism in them to pull my eye to the correct focal point.

Hence why I can’t just go to America’s Best.

So since I know have a grown up job with grown up benefits, I get to see an eye specialist, the Opthamologist.

And all I really wanted was the good kind of glasses with the prism in it, like I used to have so I can see better.

But they wouldn’t give them to me today. I have to see the specialist first to see if another muscle surgery can correct my problem. The surgery may eliminate the need for the prism lenses.

To be completely honest, I have been figuring out ways to avoid this surgery for years, even though in the back of my head, I always knew I would need another one becuase my eye is getting lazier and starting to droop.

My eyes are still dilated.

On aside note, my 10 and 8 year old have figured out to use the Keurig for hot cocoa all by themselves. They even made some for the little man. Totally not on subject but relevant to my day all the same.

Also my arms hurt from performing CPR on a dummy this morning about 7 different times. Again not on subject but relevant.

Random things from my mind..
  • I got Shellac nail polish put on 3 days ago and it still looks great! If you don’t like or can’t have acrylic nails, I highly recommend this.
  • I’m so proud of myself that I got my kitchen counter cleared off for my Keurig and all the fun stuff that goes along with it.
  • My oldest, Isaac, has been at my parents for 4 nights now. Tonight will be his 5th! I don’t know if he is ever coming home…
  • When me and the little 2 were leaving my parents house on Sunday, it was almost like we couldn’t get out of there quick enough for my oldest’s taste.
  • I’m not obsessing about Isaac being gone or anything.
  • I’m really not.
  • I have to get my basic CPR renewed tomorrow. I have to sit through the class all afternoon.
  • I finally have insurance so I get to go to the eye doctor tomorrow! Hurray!
  • Maybe the aforementioned bullet point will help with my sudden rash of migraines.
  • Next week I go to my Advanced Cardiac Life Support class. Which will teach me how to run a code. Being an ICU nurse we are automatically part of the Rapid Response and Code teams.
  • I bought my 8 year old daughter a spinning cutter that she can use with a special mat to cut her duct tape on. So far……no blood.
  • I have been off for 4 days in a row and I’m kinda sad to go back.
  • I need to start eating just a little bit better than what I have been lately. Need to get back to it!
  • I was a sucker the other day and bought the Bender Ball on TV. It’s supposed to help enhance your crunches. I thought that since I do crunches everyday that this will not be a waste of money…….I’ll keep you posted on that one.
  • I hope everyone had a safe New Year! Here’s to 2012 being a great year!
  • This year is already off to a great start because I got some great news that my nursing school buddy PASSED BOARDS!!!! YAY!!! So happy for her!!!
Merry Christmas!

From my family to all of yours!

My kids made out like fat cats! We should buy stock in Game Stop is all I’m saying!

I guess I did too! My hubby got me a Keurig and an Acer Netbook and a Coach purse.

My parents got me a Kindle Fire and some awesome silicone cooking utensils that I can’t wait to use. And an Iowa Hawkeye Scentsy warmer Yay!!

My mother-in-law got us all Iowa Hawkeye gear!

My sister-in-law Julie, got me this awesome t shirt that says “This is what a really cool nurse looks like” and a pendant with a nursing hat and symbol on it with a prayer around the rim that says, “Lord guide my hands and heart today as I care for my patients.” Love it! That brought tears to my eyes!

My hubby got Saints Row 3 and a Call of Duty wallet and a Nike sweat suit.

But it was just a great Christmas Eve and Christmas. Everyone was happy and mostly healthy!

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us!