My life is...
Only my son would be admitted to the hospital on Halloween. 
Just so you know, he is fine. He has just been fighting influenza like symptoms since Sunday, and then today decided to spike a temp of 106.5. 
Yes the temperature is correct. It was taken several times by several different people with several different thermometers.
His temp has broken now. And as you can see….he is sleeping soundly!
I guess he decided to be a hospital patient for Halloween.

Only my son would be admitted to the hospital on Halloween.
Just so you know, he is fine. He has just been fighting influenza like symptoms since Sunday, and then today decided to spike a temp of 106.5.
Yes the temperature is correct. It was taken several times by several different people with several different thermometers.
His temp has broken now. And as you can see….he is sleeping soundly!
I guess he decided to be a hospital patient for Halloween.

Full Circle

When Isaac was a baby, we spent an unreasonable amount of time taking our son to the emergency room. We encountered nurses and doctors that had never seen the syndrome that Issac has. It was always a true emergency when we brought him in, you know not like those other emergencies that are there because their pinky toe hurts, but we were taken directly back into a trauma room to assess his breathing, start an I.V. and get X-rays……
We were kind of a big deal.
Yesterday I was the nurse in that scenario.
Now let me remind you that I only work in the emergency room once in a while. And a couple of weeks ago when I was working I met this family when they had come in. The child has a rare syndrome and can decline in health quickly so they need to come straight to the ER.
I was there yesterday when they came in again.
We were super busy and I didn’t even know that family was there until a very experienced tech grabbed me to look at a kid who was having trouble breathing. I walked into the room and there they were. And I could instantly see the panic and the relief in the moms eyes. Panic because her son was as white as a ghost and relief because she just saw a familiar face.
I looked at the boy and panicked inwardly and set to work hooking him up to the monitors and pumping the mom for information. Then I went and got the doctor.
Then we worked as a great team to stabilize and transfer the kiddo to a hospital that specialized in pediatrics.
We poked and prodded him to get an I.V. and to be able to get labs. We sent him for films we pushed meds and gave him fluids while the mom just looked on in a panic. I had two patients now. I kept trying to reassure her that we were doing the best we could for him and that he looked like he was improving.
Now let me also mention that since I only work there per diem I have never worked with the attending doctor on that day. So in the midst of all this chaos we were trying to figure out if we could trust each other.
No pressure.
It all turned out well in the end. We transferred him to a pediatric specialty hospital and the attending figured out that I was competent as an emergency nurse. He didn’t know that I was an ICU nurse and that I had a special needs child as well. You could almost feel his relief when I told him those two small yet important facts about me.
But as I was saying goodbye to the family as the medics were taking them to the ambulance I admitted that it was no easier being on the other side of that situation. I had tears in my eyes as they left. It brought back so many memories that live in the way back of my brain. I remembered being that mom and having that feeling of sheer and utter terror as I had no control of what was happening. It’s terrifying.
God was definitely present yesterday.

Posted One Year Ago….Today
Never forgotten…..

I know that we have to remember that day. All those lives lost, taken by a man who had no right to take them. We have to honor those heroes who ran towards the disaster as others were running to safety.

It just hurts to do so.

I know I will never forget. That day as I sat in front of the television, holding my 6 month old son, with my husband next to us, and watched the terror unfold in front of our eyes and just cried. My heart broke for those families who were losing loved ones as mine sat so close to me. My arms ached for all of the embraces that those people would never feel again.

And my heart hurts again today. My eyes are blurred with tears. My arms ache again today.

Always remembered. Never forgotten.

Happy Birthday….to the first superhero.

So you see that man there in the left corner…..that’s my daddy.

It’s his birthday today. I’m not sure how old he is….well that’s a lie, I do…I’m just too lazy to do the math right now.

He was the first super hero in our family.

He taught me and my little brother (the groom) all about the wonderful world of make-believe. He taught us to love comic books, science fiction and just anything fun.

He bought us Fangoria magazine so we wouldn’t be afraid of horror films.

He taught us that it was better to march to the beat of your own drum.

His famous quote to us as kids was “If you don’t like the way I do it…do it different with your own kids.”

He always told us that all the super heroes were at his 9th birthday party….this story was told to us on anyones birthday. The heroes would always change but the base of the story never did.

One day he told us why they were there on his 9th birthday, when we were older and could understand. Unfortunately it’s not my story to share, so I won’t. But it was a significant part of all our lives.

He is a good man. He has his faults, he’s made mistakes…but they have all made him the man he is today.

He was my first super hero…always charging in to right a wrong or stick up for his kids or wife.

And now he is passing on all that usefull knowledge of how to be a big kid…to his grandkids! Just as it should be.

Love you daddy! I hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Guess who is on her way to being a trauma nurse…

Give up?

I just got the news that I got a Per Diem (as needed) at another local hospital (the one my momma works for) in their Emergency Department.

What does Per Diem entail?

I have to pick up 3 shifts a month, which is very doable considering I work three 12’s a week.

I am so excited about this new opportunity!

Now I’m off to find a sitter for a week for orientation! UGH!

So far this week…
  • I have managed to work 2-12+ hour shifts
  • We have mostly moved in….never take silverware for granted.
  • I have two job interviews this week for a second job. One as an OR nurse and one as an ED nurse. I am hoping for the ED.
  • I start working every Friday, Saturday and Sunday…starting this Saturday. This will be very good for us! I can be mommy during the week while the mister goes to work full time during the weekdays. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE 12 hour shifts!
  • A friend of ours told me that Herbalife makes protein shakes that taste like wedding cake! I am SO going to investigate this further VERY soon!
  • It used to seem like we had so much stuff in our old, tiny house. Now we are finding out that it’s not the case!
  • I love my job and my co-workers. It blows my mind some days that I have been an ICU nurse for almost a year! I never thought I would be able to do some of the things I’m doing! It’s an awesome feeling.
  • I can’t believe that my oldest baby is going into middle school (6th grade!) And my middle baby is going into 4th grade and my baby baby is going to be a kindergartner!!! UGH! Stop growing up kiddos….mommy can’t take it!
Night Shift…

And no…I’m not talking about the movie with Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler.

Some of you may be way too young to remember that one. It was funny though..

I worked 7p to 7a last night.

I have a whole new respect for my nursing counterparts now.

I mean I knew they were busy, they do the baths, weights, chart checks, rounding tools, care plans and so much more. But I guess I didn’t think they werethatbusy all the time because they don’t really have to deal with the doctors. The hospital has a different atmosphere at night so I thought it would be a little more chill than days.


I’m pretty sure I have shin splints from the amount of walking I did last night. And I really was positive that I walked a lot during my day shift. Which I do, but last night I walked more.

The best way to describe my night last night was that I felt that I did my job better than I do on days. I got to take care of my patients, do their cares, give them their meds, baths and turn them all on time. It was all about them. During the day it’s all about them too….but in a different way. During the day you are filling in the doc’s and their myriad of residents on their patients in 50 words or less, you are going to radiology for scans, PT and OT are waiting their turn to see your patient. Basically days is like being a mom of 3 children in a gazillion activities and scheduling them so the flow and no one gets left behind or left out. Fortunately…..I’m qualified in that area even before I went to nursing school.

So to sum up….I will be picking a shift up here and there with our night crew. It was fun….and 12 hours actually flew by!

So if you have ever though that night nurses don’t do anything…..I’m telling you that you are wrong. They work just as hard, if not harder than day shift.

And if you haven’t seen the movie….google it.

*Funny sidebar..

I came home at 8am and went to bed to be woken up 3 hours later to my little children “whispering” to each other to be quiet because momma was sleeping because she had to work last night. I stress the “whispering.” It was fun to listen to them play as they though I slept….apparently the house was under attack by zombie pirates. And they protected it and us with their lightsabers of course.

Awesome t-shirt Thursday! *I’m pretty sure thats not a thing…..but maybe it should be!

Awesome t-shirt Thursday! *I’m pretty sure thats not a thing…..but maybe it should be!

Long time no see….

Things that have been happening lately….and we’ll do this in bullet points so you don’t get bored.

  • Moved out of our old house that we have lived in for 5 years. Sad but happy.
  • After looking at a bazillion houses, or so it seems, we found one!
  • It has 4 bedrooms and a 2 car attached garage and most importantly a neighborhood with kids in it so my kids canfinallygo outside to play!
  • I have been working my ass off. Now if only that statement could be literal as well as figurative then life would be great.
  • We are staying at my parents house until the weekend of father’s day and have already been here a week. The kids are loving it. And I must admit, it’s kinda nice being under the same roof as my parents again.
  • I need to dye my hair.
  • I have now seen The Avengers 3 times….and so have my kids.
  • My almost 9yr old daughter’s favorite song at the moment is Intergalacic by The Beastie Boys…..awesome, I know.
  • I can’t wait to move.
Dear everyone…

Thank you so much for all your out pouring of love and support yesterday while my little man was being brave!

It meant a lot to me!

I love you all. The support I get from you means so much to me that I can’t really find the right words for it, but know that it is so very much appreciated!


* on a side note. I had to go to work as soon as I dropped Lucas off at home. Stayed late at work and didn’t get home until around 1am. Today I’m getting called in at 3pm to float to a different unit. I’m tired. :)